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PULP SPECIALTIES PHILIPPINES, INC. had its beginnings in 1999 when it was established as GSG Pulp Corporation, in the same year the Government granted the company a "non-pioneer status" under the Omnibus Investment Code. The project did not push through and the company's registration was cancelled due to the company's failure to operate. Its machineries and pulp equipment remained idle and have to be replaced or upgraded to be operational.

In the early part of 2002, a new set of investors acquired the assets of the company and took over the management and operations. The acquisition paved its way towards the realization of achieving the rated capacity of the pulp mills by infusing substantial investments. The company was registered with Securities and Exchange Commission on June 14, 2002. Under SEC Registration No. A200209626. On that same day the name was changed to PULP SPECIALTIES PHILIPPINES, INC. (PSPI).

PULP SPECIALTIES Philippines, Inc. developed a processing technology not only for specialty abaca pulp but also for kenaf, jute and other non-wood pulp.

Through a system carefully monitored by qualified quality control personnel with the use of equipment and facilities that conform to internationally accepted standards in the pulp and paper industry, PSPI is a reliable and competent supplier of specialty pulp worldwide.

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